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Do you want to dramatically change the direction of your financial future — after only one lesson — without sacrificing your lifestyle, or having to earn more income to do so?

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What the wealthy know... that you don't.


How to design your life to serve you.


Transforming your financial house into a wealthy one.


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General information can only get you so far. Our Solution: 


Guidance & Strategy Sessions

Everyone’s situation is different, so a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn't cut it. Included in your package are Guidance & Strategy Sessions. James Harnsberger and his team of professionals will help you implement shifting agreements for your home office and vehicles, as well as look for other tax and wealth building opportunities available to you, based on your specific personal situation!



Onboarding Call

Use the scheduling link in the members area to reserve a time.



Support Team

Virtually connect with the Enrolled Agent & Support Coordinator assigned to you. They'll collect the basic information to create your file and anything needed to prepare James to assist you.



James Harnsberger

Once the groundwork has been laid, you'll strategize directly with James to identify opportunities and choose next steps to implement.

Throughout Wealth By Design after certain lessons it’ll make sense to set up more Guidance & Strategy Sessions to keep you on track. We’ve found the students who check in frequently get the best results. Schedule a time and, depending on the need, James or your assigned Support Team will be available to guide you.

Meet James Harnsberger

For a moment, forget the fact that, as an “Enrolled Agent,” James Harnsberger holds the highest credentials the IRS acknowledges. Put aside the fact he has numerous millionaire clients, or that high achievers come to him when they need the best in the profession to fix their finances…

Instead, for a moment, let us take you back many years ago, to when James found himself in a situation where his net worth was negative $150,000. That’s right, not just $150,000 in debt, but all of his assets and debts combined were $150k in the red. It was a time when he was intentionally writing checks without his signature and mailing them to creditors, just so he could buy himself enough time to make it one more week!

Determined to never experience those feelings again, James set out to discover what it takes to create true wealth.

Just thirty months later, not only had he dug himself out of the $150k hole, he'd actually grown his net worth to $500,000!

Today, James and his wife Susan live the life they dreamed of—and are now committed to paying it forward, and bringing their little-known methods to the masses.

During Wealth By Design, you’ll experience his passion for helping others—as well as his humor, sincerity, and a depth of knowledge that leaves you hungry for the next lesson!

“I had no idea what the wealth formula was, other than that James Hansberger had it. I felt like 8 weeks could be intimidating, but you can’t firehose this type of information…it’s better in bite sized pieces. I’ve been looking for this my whole life.”

– Francisca A.

If you’re like most high-cashflow households, you believe the key to wealth is building a significant passive income, or just earning insane money!

But what if we told you we’ve worked with countless clients who publicly achieved the “dream” lifestyle but were quietly living the nightmare?

The problem wasn't that they weren't making money, it was that their life wasn’t properly set up to handle the money!

In fact, for many people, earning more income only makes things worse. Just look at lottery winners or pro athletes who suddenly make it big. I know this might sound impossible, but you'll see exactly why this is during the program!

What if we could show you how to design your life in a way that money comes to you, almost without your permission?

And what if it could happen without having to be a high-achiever or cut back on doing all the things you love?

Accept our invitation, and you can dramatically change the trajectory of your financial lifestyle, leaving others wondering how you did it.

Wealth By Design
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See What People Are Saying:

“As an entrepreneur, I thought I knew what I was doing…this program caused me to question why everything was set up the way it was. I can see why things weren’t working but now have a different path to the place I want to go.”

– Brandon F.

“We thought that making more money was the solution to money problems…but it turns out if you don’t have your life set up to handle that money, it doesn’t matter. Wealth By Design helps you put things in place so you can actually implement the brilliant strategies James teaches.”

– Sarah W.

"James, I’m so disgusted that you have been hiding in California all these years while I’ve been paying all these tax professionals. Good grief…if I’d had only known these things sooner. The really good news is someone like our 27-year-old can apply these same principles and get such a better start."

– Susan S.

Lesson One



DISCOVER why making more money isn't the key to wealth (and what to do instead).

LEARN how the 1% use their Budget as a tool to increase their Net Worth, not simply to restrict spending

START tracking your money like the wealthy so you don’t accidentally hit a new level of broke.

Lesson Two


DISCOVER the single biggest reason why people can’t predictably grow their wealth… and how to you overcome it.

LEARN how to automate where your money goes, so it stacks up nearly effortlessly… allowing you to do more of what you love. 

START making money and time, like the wealthy person you were destined to be.

Lesson Three


DISCOVER the “1 in 60 Rule” that, if ignored, almost guarantees financial disaster.

LEARN why most people lose the money they invest, even before they invest it, and how to stop being one of them.

START keeping more money by getting set up for “shifting techniques.” 

Lesson Four


DISCOVER your money personality and how it can cripple or fuel you.

LEARN where your time actually goes each day, and what that’s costing you (You’ll be shocked!) 

START spending money and time like the wealthy.

Lesson Five


DISCOVER how much financial waste is really costing you.

LEARN why more money just creates bigger holes in your bucket… until you plug them

START eliminating all the waste that’s costing you wealth.

Lesson Six


DISCOVER what your net worth statement is really telling you.

LEARN how to counteract waste as we reveal the 5th “mode” of time and money.

START aligning your money and time like the wealthy.

Lesson Seven



DISCOVER what your budget worksheet is really telling you.

LEARN why no one gets wealthy alone, and how to build an advisory team.

START designing what “I Want To Be There” looks like for you!

Lesson Eight



DISCOVER a unique twist on the Debt Snowball that will rapidly eliminate your debt, even without “extra” money.

LEARN exactly where it makes sense for you to focus your time and attention (based on your personal situation).

START down the new path to your dream lifestyle with an actual plan to get your family there.



Wealth By Design
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  • If I’m already earning substantial income, should I take the course?
  • It depends.
    Only take the course if you would like to keep more of what you make...and only if you’d like to set your life up in a way that increases financial abundance and helps you avoid “a new level of broke” that so many top achievers experience.
  • Will this benefit me even if I’m not making a lot of money?
  • Yes.
    Regardless of how much you are making, the key is that you own a business. In fact, the path to wealth opens up to you when you own a business… but not for the reasons you might think. That’s a large part of what the program covers.
  • The subject of money is intimidating to me. Is this complicated?
  • Wealth By Design is about setting up your life in a way that money comes to you (even without your permission). It doesn’t require you to learn the tax code, how to trade stocks/crypto, take risks you’re uncomfortable or do things don’t understand. In fact, this is about simplifying your life rather than complicating it.
  • I already have a CPA and/or Financial Advisor. How is this going to help me?
  • Short answer: No one is teaching the strategies that James helps students deploy. There's a reason clients come to him after trying everything else. So, if you care about fast tracking your results and NOT depending on earning more money, cutting back on what you spend or lucking into a home run investment, we recommend you come experience the program for yourself.
  • Do you have a guarantee?
  • Yes. I guarantee if you do nothing things will be the same and most likely get worse. My guarantee is I will show up and teach you the foundational things the wealthy do and how start designing your life to accumulate wealth though a tax centric lens.
    However, if you are really struggling our team is here to help. As a student if you don’t feel like you’ve got your money’s worth you can schedule a guidance and consultation session and we can figure out what is holding you back.
  • How long are the lessons?
  • Each lession will be approximately 90 minutes.