Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will this benefit me even if I’m not making a lot of money with my side hustle?
  • Yes.
    Regardless of how much you are making, the key is that you own a business. In fact, the path to wealth opens up to you when you own a business…but not for the reasons you might think. That’s a large part of what the program covers.
  • The subject of money is intimidating to me. Is this complicated?
  • Wealth By Design is about setting up your life in a way that money comes to you (even without your permission). It doesn’t require you to learn the tax code, how to trade stocks/crypto, take risks you’re uncomfortable or do things don’t understand. In fact, this is about simplifying your life rather than complicating it.
  • If I’m already earning substantial income with my side hustle, should I take the course?
  • It depends.
    Only take the course if you would like to keep more of what you make...and only if you’d like to set your life up in a way that increases financial abundance and helps you avoid “a new level of broke” that so many top producers experience.
  • I already have a CPA and/or Financial Advisor. How is this going to help me?
  • Short answer: No one is teaching the strategies that James helps students deploy. There's a reason clients come to him after trying everything else. So, if you care about fast tracking your results and NOT depending on earning more money, cutting back on what you spend or lucking into a home run investment, we recommend you come experience the program for yourself.
  • Do you have a guarantee?
  • Yes. I guarantee if you do nothing things will be the same and most likely get worse. My guarantee is I will show up and teach you the foundational things the wealthy do and how start designing your life to accumulate wealth though a tax centric lens.
    However, if you are really struggling our team is here to help. As a student if you don’t feel like you’ve got your money’s worth you can schedule a free consultation and we can figure out what’s holding you back.